Pretty Pictures from Pretty Presets  

  • Presets for Lightroom that will make your photos even prettier
  • A combination Summer presets with Sugar and Spice collection for a complete enhancement of your photos
  • A photo app that can create winter effects on photos

If you happen to check in on Pretty Presets for Lightroom online, you would notice that they have a collection of presets that covers all your photo-editing needs. Let us examine some of these collections and find out why Pretty Presets for Lightroom is the way for you to create stunning effects on your photo.

LR1 (2)

Summer Limited Collection

Summer is right around the corner. And what better way to have this collection for your photos. Pretty Presets for Lightroom offers you a list of presets that accentuate the feel of summer, making your photos look new, fresh and warm all at the same time.

Winter Wonderland

On the opposite side of things, Pretty Presets for Lightroom also have this collection for the winter season. The snow looked awesome and the mood icy but magical to say the least with Winter Wonderland. These are the kind of effects that you can get with this collection.

The Sugar and Spice

Detailed enhancing with some spicy features. This Sugar and Spice collection, one of Pretty Presets for Lightroom’s popular collections, allows you to enhance your photos more vividly by applying intricate enhances on its lines and even the texture of your photo image.

Bestseller Bundle

This collection is a combination of Summer plus Sugar and Spice collections. Many are availing of this bundle because it never fails to cover every photo enhancing need, from transforming your photo images into black and white masterpieces or into vintage formats. You could say that everything is quite possible with Pretty Presets for Lightroom.

So check out this cool site right now and experience Lightroom at its best. It’s the only way for you to create visually stimulating photos that everyone will love.

Weddings and Presets

  • Presets specifically designed for your wedding pics
  • Photo editing tools for you to create specific effects on your photos
  • Saving time editing and enhancing photos with Lightroom presets

Make the most out of your wedding day by using these Lightroom presets wedding collections. Never make the mistake of pushing through with that wedding without tagging these wedding presets for Lightroom.


There are reasons for that, and the big part of that reason is that Lightroom has in itself a large collection of wedding presets that you can use. It has stashed a number of wedding presets in its bundle that can literally make wonders with your wedding photos.

Secure these Lightroom presets wedding now before saying, “I do”. It is, in fact, your most important decision after saying yes to your fiancé/fiancée. You can be assured that your wedding pics are unlike anything you have seen with conventional wedding photos.

You can make colorful or edgy designs on it, to accentuate that most important event in your life. You don’t need to worry about looking good on your wedding pics, these Lightroom presets wedding collection has the tools to cover whatever is lacking or needs improvement as far as your photo goes.

These Lightroom presets wedding are accessible online. Enough of finding someone like a professional photographer when dealing with pictures after your wedding, action video camera presets will take care of the rest.

So what are you waiting for? Coordinate with your wedding team right now and encourage them to use these Lightroom presets wedding collections after they have taken those shots at your wedding.

Your wedding is supposed to be the most important event in your life, and what a way to make it more special by using these presets for its enhancement.

Lightroom will be there every step of the way, from your pre-wedding plans to your “just married” moment. And all these are made possible only if you use these Lightroom presets wedding collections you can get online any time of the day.

Why Lightroom for Your Portraits

  • Free presets for the enhancement of your photo image on social media
  • Editing portraits with just a single click
  • Presets that can “uncolor” your photo image

It takes a lot of work to be able to come up with beautiful pictures. At the outset, it looked so smooth and effortless, but there is a glorious amount of work behind every quality photo, especially when you have the right tools at our disposal, tools such as these Lightroom presets for portraits.

3Portraits abound online almost at the speed of light. You can just imagine the number of people posting their portraits on their website and social media accounts every day. The web never runs out of it. And it is even hard to imagine that these Lightroom presets for portraits did not contribute to the rise of this portrait posting online.

Lightroom is the new wave for portraiture. Gone are those days when editing portraits consists of a photographer and a dark room. Now, you can have that portrait you’ve always wanted with just a single click.

Instead of using that dark room to develop your pictures, Lightroom offers presets and brushes for your portraits. Unlike other photo enhancing tools, Lightroom presets for portraits has an “all in one” presets you can easily use for your photo image. And you can create a ton of portrait effects out of it, from using the appropriate preset, workflow or brush on your photo.

These Lightroom presets for portraits are so unique because:

  1. It allows you to make tone adjustments – Changing the mood of your photo generates a kind of reaction to your viewers. With Lightroom presets for portraits, though, you somehow felt with what your photo subject is feeling. You feel much closer to your subject. More personal.
  2. It allows you to create quality photos in greyscale mode – Black and white or using neutral colors bring an unusual effect to your viewers. So if you want to emphasize character with that worn-out look, then these Lightroom presets for portraits.
  3. It allows you to “uncolor”, too – If you can add color with these Lightroom presets for portraits, you can also do the opposite as well, “uncoloring” your photo images. The image may be bereft of color, but the effect of it is more powerful at times than using a lot of colors on it.

So choose the right tools for your portraits. Yes, you’re not a professional when it comes to photo editing, but by having these Lightroom presets for portraits, you are more than capable of producing cool, quality photos than a professional photographer would.

Are You Using the Library Module in Lightroom Right?

If you have been following and reading more Lightroom articles and tips, then this article might be helpful to you. In addition, this article will give you an idea if you are using the Library module in Lightroom right. I have been using the program for quite some time now and I can say that the program is a really good photo management tool.


Here are some of the most significant things in dealing with your Lightroom catalogue:

  • You can only have two or three back up options in Lightroom. You can choose to remove the older and previous ones to have more storage for other files.
  • If you upgraded your Lightroom to the latest version, then the back-up options might be compressed and will give you more hard drive memory.
  • It is advisable that you should at least check and copy the latest backup files to other online storage application such as Google drive, dropbox and cloud servers. By doing this, it will protect your files and important images.

Quick Tutorial: How to search for images in Lightroom?

One of the advantages of creating an Adobe Lightroom database is that it is easier to search for your files when using keywords and metadata. Adding significant keywords will let you locate your files easily.

When searching files in Lightroom, you need to remember these three types of searches:

  • Using of text such as file names of Portrait Photoshop Actions, captions, keywords, metadata
  • Using of attribute filters such as ratings, flags, video copy, colour label or coding
  • Using of significant metadata such as exact location, date, camera brand, lens used, speed, ISO, aperture settings and more.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Why Choose Arvixe Hosting?

arvixe 4Arvixe hosting is known to be one of the top 10 leading companies in the industry. It is also named as the best cost-effective webhosting choice in 2012-2013. The company offers affordable shared web hosting (Personal Class, Personal Pro Class), Reseller Class, Dedicated Class, and VPS plans for both Windox and Linux operating system.

Arvixe is a people-oriented, developer friendly web hosting firm, which updates all of their web host technology regularly. Moreover, the company complies all the necessary requirements of technology such as add ons maintenance, plug-ins, program scripts and more to prevent security problems and other violations.

In genral, the company is recommended for both private and small businesses websites since their goal is to provide the best hosting services such as features, speed, customer service, and uptime record. Basically, the company has a U.S based customer service team and outsources support to some part of the Middle East and India. Some users find their outsource support inefficient due to language barrier.

Arvixe provides the cheapest shared web hosting plan for as $2.80 a month. It contains high quality web hosting solutions such as free domains and subdomains. In addition, Arvixe is the only company who offers a lengthy money back guarantee of 90 days since initial subscription. With this kind of services and features, it is safe to say that Arvixe is indeed a reliable hosting company.

For more information about arvixe, watch the arvixe hosting reviewed on youtube below:

Review of Siteground’s Hosting Services

SG2In this article, I decided to create an unbiased and full review of Siteground’s hosting services since I was able to use it to most of my personal websites. Moreover, I think that it would be so great to share my experience and thoughts about their performance and features.


Siteground has been consistent with their claims of having an uptime record of 99.9 percent. However, like any other provider, siteground has experienced some down times for about 20 to 30 minutes which is understandable. But to prevent further server errors, siteground decided to take actions and improve their server.

Affordable Hosting Plans

Siteground’s hosting package vary from $3.95 a month for shared hosting plan all the way to dedicated hosting plans that cost for around $217, a little bit higher but worth the price plan. Basically, with their hosting packages, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars since it contains a lot of exciting freebies such as free domains and more.

Shortcomings of Siteground

The only drawback of Siteground is that they don’t have enough disc space for their share hosting package.

Conclusion for Siteground’s Review:

Siteground’s services are fantastic. They remained truthful with their goal which is to provide better hosting solutions to their users. Watch the video about the pros and cons of siteground below:

Top 4 Reasons Why Adobe Lightroom Is Perfect For Beginners

lr1What is Adobe Lightroom?

According to Wikipedia, “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a photo processor and image organizer developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X. It allows viewing, organizing and retouching a large number of digital images.” The program quickly became popular for its uniqueness, user-friendly and being produced for free.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom provides special and broad features to their users. The company wants to prove that they deserve to be called the best post processing developer. The open-source platform is perfect for photo editing  beginners who want to boost their skills and creativity without spending too much.

To learn more about Adobe Lightroom, check out the section on infoparrot’s Lightroom list.

In this article, we will talk about the top four reasons why Adobe Lightroom is perfect for photography startups. Adobe Lightroom by Adobe System is:

Free to download

Adobe Lightroom Presets can be downloaded online for free or paid. Regardless of being free, the photo editing platform offers a lot of exciting features.

User Friendly Interface

Adobe Lightroom is known to be a user friendly program and is known to have an interface just like Photoshop. This feature will help users save time, effort and confusion while modifying their own images.

Flexible Features

What not to like about Adobe Lightroom? Users can enjoy a lot of flexibility with their images without stressing their minds over the technical side. Lightroom products can be categorized by features, from independent attributes, sale prices and a whole lot more.

Moreover, the open-source platform is capable of selling virtually and real/hands-on products.

Options for Customization

As of writing, Adobe Lightroom users can choose several lightroom presets or photoshop action for free from Infoparrot’s great list of Lightroom presets. After selecting a bundle of presets, users can have the chance to customize the colours, styles, and settings.

There you have it, the top four reasons why it is perfect for photography start-ups. And if you are having trouble installing Lightroom presets, check out the video below.

An InMotion Hosting Review

im2I had the chance to sign up for InMotion few years ago since I want to test out their services and performance. Currently, I am still using their services because I already proved that the company is indeed one of the best hosting providers in the industry. They also have great features, freebies, services and stable network connections. I had uncertainties and fears at first since I don’t want to waste money time and effort to something that I’m not certain. However, the company proved that they do really have boundless hosting services.

I have and always been a happy and satisfied customer because I know that they are doing their job in helping me manage most of my sites. Yes, there have been downtimes but it didn’t have a bad effect on me. The only thing that concerns me most is their customer service representatives since some of them do not have the skills to provide better solutions on their customers and that they let them wait for too long.  I hope the company will do something about it to improve and develop the performance of their customer service. Other than that, I don’t have any issues with their services. If you want more detailed information about InMotion hosting, watch the full inmotion hosting plans review to know more about this unbelievable hosting company.

Since day, the performance of my website and its uptime record continues to be stable at 99.9%. This is very enriching. InMotion is certainly the greatest hosting provider in the market, considering that they are offering a lot of features and affordable plans. Again, one thing that I don’t like about them is their slow customer service.


I wouldn’t recommend them if you are one of those people who frequently contact a customer service because it will give you headaches and delays. However, if you really want a good hosting service and reliable speed, features and packages, then InMotion is definitely for you.

What Web Hosting Companies Must Do These Days

To find out what a web hosting company should do, it’s good to see what they have done over the years that was wrong or right. Getting to know either side of the issue is something that’s going to get you into the know about how to make web hosting work for you.

When you’re trying to learn about a good hosting company, you would do well to read up on some positive reviews on the more popular ones. You can then see what people like when they are utilizing the services. This is something that can be done simply by putting in a hosting company’s name online in a search engine along with the word reviews. Then you can sort by the highest ratings and see what people are happiest about overall.

Another good thing to do when you want to learn more about a hosting company such as A small Orange is to see what kind of tools they offer with the hosting package. Most hosting companies will, for instance, offer the chance to get a domain name and that allows for the person to make that host their one stop shop. This is a good idea because then the person won’t have to mess with anything else but paying that one company to have their website online. The added in tools such as for web design and other needs will be needed in a lot of cases for newer users as well.

The downtime that a hosting site has associated with it can be the life or death of that particular service. This is basically how often you can expect for the service to be offline, for maintenance or if it just has problems in general from time to time. The more often that websites go offline, the worse things will end up being for the people that use the service. If you think about how many potential visitors a website can lose during a period of downtime, it’s a must for that service to always have a good handle on getting things up and running after a problem.

The subscription process shouldn’t be difficult. Over the years, time and again some companies have made it very difficult for people to get the right service they want or to fix an issue and get a refund. While it may cost the company a little to give out refunds, if it’s a good enough hosting company without too many problems then the paying customers that are happy will generally outweigh those needing their money back. A hosting company should review what they are doing if they keep getting requests from those that are irritated and want their money back.

Now that you’re able to see how web hosting should be, it’s easier to get it to work out for you. This is a fundamental part of websites being online and so you should have a little knowledge about it. Hosting can be done well and do well, or it can be done wrong and nobody will buy into it!

Why Personal Blogs Are Popular And How Hosting Companies Can Keep Customers

Learning what to do to get customers so they can host their blogs is a good idea if you’re wanting to get into web hosting. There are many benefits to people having blogs, and many reasons why people start them. To get more on this matter, it’s a good idea to read below.

A personal blog is something that many people wish to work with because it’s their way to get a message out to the world. The way social media is starting to look, you can’t really get too much out there because their the results are filtered, or you’re going to find that your posts get buried fast. With a website where someone can have a blog, they don’t have to worry about their text being edited. That and they can also create backups so that there’s no way for them to lose their content.

There’s also the fact that you can own the rights to your personal posts on your own blog. And you can say whatever you’d like within reason without getting censored. Sure, your hosting company may not allow for posts that are against a set of rules or that are illegal in some way, but you can benefit from letting people be as free as possible. If you do find questionable content being hosted by your company, just contact the person and see if they’re able to take it down. Sometimes people may not listen, and that’s when you need to take time to take down posts.

The hosting service has to be able to stay up all of the time with minimal downtime as mentioned in this dreamhost hosting plan review. If you notice that your website goes down from time to time, you have to do your research into what is going on. If you start to have people complain and you do nothing about it but wait for the problem to go away, they may start to become vocal on the matter. Nothing can damage a hosting company worse than a bunch of people online talking about why it’s not a good idea to work with it.

Any of the information you can get about how people feel about your company is smart to look at. If you have any marketing going on, then do some basic monitoring of each campaign to see what your engagement looks like. If there are no people buying more products or services from you than before, then it’s probably best to think through how you can change to make sure that more people show some signs of interest. By doing what it takes to get yourself acclimated to what your customers want, it’s a lot more simple to sell your services.

After getting to know why blogs are seen as a good thing for hosting companies, they can learn to treat their customers well. This text has taught you all about that. Now it’s up to you to take this to the next level.

A Detailed Review of Adobe Lightroom


Adobe Lightroom started in 2006. It was released by Adobe system, one of the famous developer and producer of brilliant photo processing software. Their goal is to provide the best photo editing tools and programs to their customers. Today, the company is considered to be one of largest contributors of useful and efficient photography related programs.

I decided to create a complete and unbiased review of Adobe Lightroom since I already tried using it to most of my images. I know that if I share this post processing tool review, it can be a great help to those people who are still looking for the best photo editing software.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Plans

For just $10 per month, you can enjoy basic Adobe programs and services. However, if you need more editing service, it is recommended that you use their premium plans which are a little bit expensive yet worth it.

Guaranteed Fast Interface

Adobe Lightroom currently has five advanced editing features which can modify hundreds or even thousands of images. With the use of Lightroom presets 2015, users can easily apply it to their images at once. Adobe system company is well-known in using high-quality materials  which are mainly prepared to guarantee a high speed editing service.

Customer Service Support:

Adobe’s technical support is fantastic. E-mail tickets are usually answered in a matter of seconds. Their technical support staffs are very friendly and willing to help. Another thing about the company is that they created an IRC channel is for users who are interested in joining in real time chat.


Adobe Lightroom is one of the best Adobe brands in the photo editing industry today. They offer sensible and affordable post processing plans for as low as $10. Their services are great for beginners who want to have a smooth sailing editing experience for their images. If you want to know where to get free Lightroom presets, it is available online. You just have to find the best coupon.

Different Kinds of Website Design

Web designing is the process wherein you do or choose the design of your webpage which will then be visible in the world of internet. Choosing the right web design is a sure guarantee that your website will be feasible to the readers.

If you’re interested in this type of service for your business or niche to be shared properly over the internet, then you should also consider the different kinds of web design in order for you to get what you exactly need. Rest assured that this will truly help you out in no time. Here are as follows:

Fixed Design
fixed web designThis type of design is known to have a set measurement which is why it’s named as fixed. This doesn’t alter whenever the browser gets adjusted, and is known to retain its original size all the time. This is good for those who just want to have a better site that will never ruin its looks. However, once you try mobile devices with this site, you will have a hard time checking it especially once you have a smaller type of smartphone. This is a common issue to other sites. However, this is still a good thing to view once logged in to a computer.

Responsive Design
This is known to be a type of site that makes viewing a lot more easy than the other types, and this comes in many forms that are easy to read especially for those who are using different devices. This doesn’t need you to resize the window anymore because this will just provide you a good way to check out the content using the actual system. Scrolling is not applicable in this anymore since there are buttons that made the site functional in all means necessary for easier view. This is perfect for both browsers and mobile versions to make things more convenient to check out on the user’s end.

Fluid Designs
fluid web designThis is known to be a type of design that contrasts well with the fixed design when it comes to measurements. If you think about water, it has a size depending on where it’s contained. Same goes with fluid designs because the content will spread automatically once you try and resize it depending on how large the browser site will be. The measurements that it has on the site are more about percentages rather than a set amount of pixels to make things more adjustable.

These are the well-known types of designs that you must consider whenever you’re planning to get the right design that you might need for your own. These might be fit for various purposes which is why you must consider the niche that you also have in order for you to get the right type of design among the three that we’ve shown to you.

American Pie

American Pie is a full featured, pop-up chat with an American patriotic theme. It is a great progam for any web site with an American theme.

The admin section allows you to ban and kick users, save chat sessions and more. It also has a user control section where your users can reserve or delete a chat name and view archived chat sessions.

This program comes with a special file for easy language translations.
*Includes one year of free upgrades with product registration.


  • Can easily be translated to different languages.
  • Supports private messages.
  • Supports an unlimited number of people.
  • “Who’s here” feature.
  • Admin section.
  • IP Ban/Un-Ban.
  • Kick.
  • Automatically save chat sessions.
  • Automatically clean program files.
  • Option to password protect chat rooms.
  • Optional bad word filter.
  • Option to kick out bad word user.
  • User control section.
  • Reserve chat name option.
  • Option to allow or not allow HTML, JAVA, Javascript and Images.
  • Cross-browser compliant. (4+ & up)
  • Works on Windows NT, Unix & Linux servers.
  • No plug-ins are needed for your users.
  • Easy setup and customization.
  • One year of FREE upgrades and one year of FREE customer tech service if you register your program!


Admin Screenshots:


Build A Chat

  Have your own customized chat rooms! A completely customizable chat that you can make look like your web site! Over 150 features and options to choose from! Great for webmasters and web designers who want to design their own chat rooms for themselves or their customers.

# Admin option to display new chat messages on top or bottom of messages screen.

   This program comes with special files for easy language translations.
*Includes free installation with product registration.
Customer Testimonial
The New Chat is super, you did a great job Michael THANK YOU!!!!! For anyone looking for a chat room for their site you found the best. Take a look:
Thanks again Michael best of luck to you.


  • Over 150 features and options to choose from!
  • Easily customize the program to fit your web site design.
  • Can easily be translated to different languages.
  • Admin section.
  • # Admin option to display new chat messages on top or bottom of messages screen.
  • Options for banners
  • User control section.
  • Option to use HTML in the programs email.
  • IP Ban/Un-Ban.
  • Kick.
  • Automatically save chat sessions.
  • Display and use up to nine chat rooms.
  • Automatically clean program files.
  • Password protect chat rooms option.
  • Reserve chat name option.
  • User profiles with photo option.
  • Supports an unlimited number of people.
  • Supports private messages.
  • Bad word filter function.
  • Option to kick out bad word user.
  • “Who’s here” feature.
  • Option to allow or not allow HTML, JAVA, Javascript and Images.
  • Works on most browsers, Netscape and Internet Explorer 4+
  • Works on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Unix & Linux servers.
  • No plug-ins are needed for people using Build-A-Chat.
  • Easy setup and customization.
  • And much, much more!
  • A FREE installation, one year of FREE upgrades and one year of FREE customer tech service if you register your program!



LCARS Chat Pro

What is LCARS? LCARS is the acronym for Library Computer Access Research System. This is the fictional Star Trek computer interface you see on all the Star Trek TV shows and movies. This chat program utilizes this unique graphic interface in a full window to achieve the coolest looking chat that you will find.

But, this is not just another pretty face! Along with the outstanding interface, this chat program offers a ton of features only found in the top chat programs. It includes one of the best admin sections on the market which also uses the LCARS interface. And, just so your users won’t feel left out, the program has a user control section. This is where they can reserve or delete a chat name, view archived chat sessions and more.

This program comes with a special file for easy language translations.
*Includes free installation.


  • Can easily be translated to different languages.
  • Supports private messages.
  • Supports an unlimited number of people.
  • Multiple rooms.
  • “Who’s here” feature.
  • Admin section.
  • IP Ban/Un-Ban.
  • Kick.
  • Automatically save chat sessions.
  • Automatically clean program files.
  • Option to password protect chat rooms.
  • Optional bad word filter.
  • Option to kick out bad word user.
  • User control section.
  • Reserve chat name option.
  • Option to allow or not allow HTML, JAVA, Javascript and Images.
  • Cross-browser compliant. (4+ & up)
  • Works on Windows NT, Unix & Linux servers.
  • No plug-ins are needed for your users.
  • Easy setup and customization.
  • FREE installation with puchase!