What’s a theme chat?

Looking for a special chat program for your web site? Want chat with an attitude? Flair? The look, design and use-ability to bring your customers back for more? Then theme chats are for you.

Designed for ease of use and practicality, these programs are just what you need. They are also designed to be easily translated in different languages or you can change the visible text to anything you like.

Along with demos of the Chat Programs you will find a FAQ – Board where you can post questions, answers, suggestions, fixes, tips & tricks or whatever you like. For installation instructions and requirements, visit the Installation page.

If you make a translation of any of the chat programs please send them to postmaster@theme-chat.com and they will be added to the zip file.

Build-A-Chat 2.0!

Build-A-Chat – Now with Flicker Free chat messaging!

The most notable additions to this upgrade are: streamlined chat room and code so it uses less system resources, option for three different chat client methods (Client Pull, Client Pull/JavaScript and Server Push), options for pop-up private chat rooms, smileys and lots more!

Have your own customized chat rooms! A completely customizable chat that you can make look like your web site! Over 150 features and options to choose from! Great for webmasters and web designers who want to design their own chat rooms for themselves or their customers.

Completely customizable
Option for Client Pull, Client Pull/JavaScript or Server Push chat client methods
Option for pop-up private chat rooms
Options for smileys
Optional email features
User profile section
Optional user photo uploads
Viewer logs with IP addresses
And much, much more!

Register your program and receive one year of FREE program upgrades and one year of FREE customer services and technical support!

Different Kinds of Website Design

Web designing is the process wherein you do or choose the design of your webpage which will then be visible in the world of internet. Choosing the right web design is a sure guarantee that your website will be feasible to the readers.

If you’re interested in this type of service for your business or niche to be shared properly over the internet, then you should also consider the different kinds of web design in order for you to get what you exactly need. Rest assured that this will truly help you out in no time. Here are as follows:

Fixed Design
fixed web designThis type of design is known to have a set measurement which is why it’s named as fixed. This doesn’t alter whenever the browser gets adjusted, and is known to retain its original size all the time. This is good for those who just want to have a better site that will never ruin its looks. However, once you try mobile devices with this site, you will have a hard time checking it especially once you have a smaller type of smartphone. This is a common issue to other sites. However, this is still a good thing to view once logged in to a computer.

Responsive Design
This is known to be a type of site that makes viewing a lot more easy than the other types, and this comes in many forms that are easy to read especially for those who are using different devices. This doesn’t need you to resize the window anymore because this will just provide you a good way to check out the content using the actual system. Scrolling is not applicable in this anymore since there are buttons that made the site functional in all means necessary for easier view. This is perfect for both browsers and mobile versions to make things more convenient to check out on the user’s end.

Fluid Designs
fluid web designThis is known to be a type of design that contrasts well with the fixed design when it comes to measurements. If you think about water, it has a size depending on where it’s contained. Same goes with fluid designs because the content will spread automatically once you try and resize it depending on how large the browser site will be. The measurements that it has on the site are more about percentages rather than a set amount of pixels to make things more adjustable.

These are the well-known types of designs that you must consider whenever you’re planning to get the right design that you might need for your own. These might be fit for various purposes which is why you must consider the niche that you also have in order for you to get the right type of design among the three that we’ve shown to you.